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Tetrahedron "Tetraeder Bottrop"

The Tetraeder "Tetraeder Bottrop" is a huge, "skeletal", steel pyramid and one of the highest points of the region which can be seen from miles around.  It is located on a disused mining tip called "Halde Beckstraße" near the city boundary. Using the stairs you can climb it to have a great panoramic view over the region.

Further information

Tetraeder at Halde Beckstraße

46238 Bottrop

51° 31′ 37.2″ N, 6° 57′ 36″ E


Travelling with the ÖPNV (Public transport):

Take the bus line 266 at Bottrop Hbf in the direcktoin of Boy to the "Tetraeder" station, and walk about 20 minutes to the platform of the Tetraeder.