The Parkhotel in Berne Park
The Parkhotel in Berne Park

The Parkhotel in Berne Park, Bottrop - Spend the night in a former sewage pipe

In the Ruhr region, nothing is impossible. The region is not only characterised by special events, industrial monuments or cafés but also quirky accommodation possibilities. Does a night in a former sewage pipe sound slightly crazy to you? It is but it is possible in Berne Park in Bottrop. For almost forty years, after the waste water was cleared, five robust sewage pipes converted into suites in the Parkhotel of Austrian artists Andreas Strauss have been making this experience a reality. Between May and October, you can book an overnight stay in the comfortable concrete pipes. Payment for the accommodation is based loosely on the saying: "pay as you wish", paying only what you desire. In the pay box, found in every suite, you can leave the amount you deem appropriate.

Full comfort in a sewage pipe

There's no lacking a comfortable sleep in the "pipes": At three metres long and 2.4m wide, you can even stand up in them. In the suite, you will find a double bed, storage space, light, a power supply and woollen blankets. The pipes are secured using a personal door code that you will receive by mail after booking. A special highlight at the "pipe hotel" is the view through the porthole into the sky over the Ruhr region. After a day full of adventure, you can relax and look at the stars. Daily necessities are also catered for: Toilets, showers, a mini bar and cafeteria can be found in the close by. The Parkhotel is a great place to start exploring the Ruhr region by bike and take a trip to Essen , for example.

Overnight in pipes!

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Important information at a glance

Parkhotel in Berne Park
Ebelstrasse 25 a
46242 Bottrop
E-mail: info(at)

You can find information on the pipes, opening hours and booking on the Parkhotels im Bernepark website.