Oberhausen Theatre
Oberhausen Theatre

Look forward to extraordinary productions at the Oberhausen Theatre

In the Oberhausen Theatre you primarily meet classical theatre. But do not be fooled by appearances: The often traditional material is always staged topically. In addition to numerous original and German premieres, you will always find something special on the programme. Through festivals, innovative outdoor and urban projects as well as productions for children and young people, everyone should feel addressed and invited to stop by or even participate at the theatre in Oberhausen.

Don’t sit on the side-lines: The idea of theatre in Oberhausen

Interculturality, gender equality and flat hierarchies: these are the highly topical themes of the director Florian Fiedler and structurally shape the traditional and nationally known theatre. Conversations with local initiatives, migrant communities, schools and artist collectives have given rise to formats that test and question the usual limitations of the theatre. And that in two senses: For example in the theater.faktorei, lay people meet professional actors and with the procession at the beginning of each season, the Oberhausen Theatre extends the stage and the theatre world into the urban space, where you suddenly stand right in the centre.

Great House, hall 2, pool and a lot of exchange

The Great House offers 448 seats, that is 342 seats in the stalls and 106 seats on the balcony. "The armchairs are super comfortable and offer plenty of legroom!”, promises the theatre Oberhausen. The former Malersaal, the largest workshop in a theatre, is now called Hall 2 and offers a flexible room concept for experimental theatre forms as well as a bar where you can enjoy a drink before and after events. The “Pool" is the smallest of the three venues, but also the most sociable. Here you can watch theatre and be scrutinised by the actors. Discussing is expressly desired here!

Important information at a glance

Oberhausen Theatre
Will-Quadflieg-Platz 1
46045 Oberhausen
Tel.: +49 208 8578184
E-mail: besucherbuero(at)theater-oberhausen.de

You will find information on the programme, cast and tickets on the Oberhausen Theatre website.

The Oberhausen Theatre belongs to the RuhrBühnen network.