Slinky Springs To Fame
Slinky Springs To Fame

Slinky Springs to Fame – Art on the Rhine-Herne Canal

Directly next to Centro and the Gasometer in Kaisergarten Oberhausen, you have the opportunity to marvel at and walk on an unusual bridge construction with an unusual name. Since 2011, Slinky Springs to Fame has been leading you over the Rhine-Herne Canal to Emscher Island. The bridge is a work of art by Frankfurt artist Tobias Rehberger and resembles a rope thrown across the water: light, wild and irregular. The swinging spiral bridge – with the name inspired by the moving spring ‘Slinky’ – comprises 496 aluminium arcs. To cross the 50-metre-wide canal, long ramps in bends and loops climb to a height of ten metres on both sides without steps and the construction can grow to a length of 406 metres.

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With its illuminated rings, Slinky Springs to Fame shines in bright colours at night and is one of the Ruhr region’s architectural highlights. In particular, the changing colours of the plastic floor of the 2.50-metre-wide bridge create an impressive scene when it is illuminated at night. You definitely mustn’t forget your camera on a visit. Thanks to its bright colours, the Rehberger Bridge, which is what it’s called locally, is also a popular tourist destination after the sun has gone down. The bridge is an easy way for cyclists to connect Oberhausen with the Emscher Cycle Path.

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Important information at a glance

Slinky Springs to Fame
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 46
46049 Oberhausen

You will find information on the artwork by Tobias Rehberger on the Emscherkunst website.