LVR Industrial Museum Zinc Factory
LVR Industrial Museum Zinc Factory

LVR Industrial Museum Zinkfabrik (Zinc Factory) Altenberg – dive into the history of the smashing heavy industry

In the LVR Industrial Museum Zinkfabrik (Zinc Factory) Altenberg in Oberhausen you will feel the pulse of steel and will be transported to the industrial past of the chequered history of the iron and steel industry on the Rhine and the Ruhr. The permanent ‘Heavy Industry’ exhibition is currently closed for approximately three years of renovation work. Well over a thousand exhibition items, including a number of large exhibits, such as a 9-metre-high forging hammer and a ten-wheel steam locomotive, told how people worked in heavy industry, how they lived in the region and how the industry influenced the development of the Metropolis.

A new permanent exhibition is coming

The new permanent exhibition will be more closely related to the zinc factory. The focus will be the lives and work of the people in the region, as well as the impact of industry and its development. Current changes and the question of the future of the work will also be a theme. Until the end of October 2018, you can visit the special exhibition ‘Energy Revolution – Revolutionary Times’. During the renovation work, if possible, the museum festival will take place in Zinkfabrik Altenberg, construction site tours shall also be offered.

More experiences in the zinc factory

You can also expect regular special exhibitions, lectures, workshops, industrial heritage excursions and events, such as concerts, film evenings, readings and practical demonstrations in the zinc factory. You shouldn’t pass up an opportunity for a visit.

Important information at a glance

LVR-Industriemuseum Zinkfabrik Altenberg
Hansastrasse 20
46049 Oberhausen
Contact: kulturinfo rheiland
Tel.: +49 2234 9921555
E-mail: info(at)

The permanent ‘Heavy Industry’ exhibition will be closed from 30 April due to renovation work.
You can find information on opening times and prices on the LVR Industrial Museum Zinkfabrik Altenberg website.

The Zinkfabrik Altenberg is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage.