Oberhausen Gasometer

Oberhausen – Shopping fun and fine culture

Do you want to experience as much as possible in the shortest time possible without travelling large distances? Then Oberhausen is the right place for you. In an area of a few kilometres, the new city centre provides you with one attraction after another. For example, here you can go shopping in Europe’s biggest shopping centre to your heart’s content, visit fascinating exhibitions in Europe’s highest exhibition hall or ‘dive into’ a vibrant underwater world with all of its residents. Nor do culture fans miss out in Oberhausen. The city in the heart of the Ruhr region offers you a musical theatre, one of the most successful multi-functional arenas in Germany and a wide selection of museums.

‘And Oberhausen has something for everyone’

An absolute must for anyone who is in Oberhausen, is a visit to the Gasometer. The 117.5-metre-high symbol of the city of the former gas tower has become the location for impressive exhibitions. You also have a fantastic view over the whole of Oberhausen and further into the Ruhr region from the roof of the Gasometer. The LVR Industrial Museum at St. Antony Hütte and the Eisenheim workers’ settlement provide even more industrial heritage and for all shopping fans, there’s no way around Centro Oberhausen. After a successful stroll through the many shops, you are then spoilt for choice on Centro Promenade as to which restaurant you will be indulged in. The best prerequisites for an evening full of entertainment are offered by the Stage Metronom Theater with spectacular musicals or the König-Pilsener-ARENA, in which the biggest stars are countless.

Impressions from Oberhausen

Important information at a glance

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