Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura

And action! The history of film in the Camera Obscura

The Broicher Water Tower stands out in the evening sky, illuminated in warm colours. The Camera Obscura is located in the dome of the historic building. The Mülheim museum on the history of film and photography is impressive not only thanks to its unusual architecture, but also invites you to try things out and marvel at kaleidoscopes and projectors.

Film museum in the dome of the Broicher Water Tower

Along the round brick walls in the Mülheim Camera Obscura, on three floors, there are historic and quirky objects from the film period between 1750 and 1930 to discover. Including a ‘Laterna Magica’, enigmatic postcards or vues d’optique. Here, you can learn about those inventions before the era of film with the aid of optical illusions, visual stimuli or physical secrets. In addition to the original exhibits, the museum has recreated a number of historical devices which can be handled and experienced.

The world’s biggest Camera Obscura is in the Ruhr region

The Broicher Water Tower in which the Camera Obscura is located, has listed status. When in 1992, the German Garden Show came to Mülheim, Zeiss Jena set up the exhibition in the dome of the tower. Today, the museum in Mülheim is the biggest accessible Camera Obscura in the world. So at approximately 25 metres high, you can not only immerse yourself in the technical history of moving pictures and photography, but also have a panoramic view over the Ruhr region.

Events for children and young people to get involved

The museum offers a variety of projects for children and young people. From child-friendly tours to workshops building your own Camera Obscura to crafting a flip book, there are numerous events and experiments to peak curiosity. Following this, you can while away the day in the large MüGa Park next to the water tower.

Important information at a glance

Camera Obscura
Am Schloß Broich 42
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Tel.: +49 208 3022605
Fax: (0208) 3022607
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You will find information on opening times and prices on the Camera Obscura website.