Aquarius Wassermuseum
Aquarius Wassermuseum

Aquarius Wassermuseum - Dive into the diverse world of the deep blue

One of the prettiest water towers in the Ruhr region stands in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Over 100 years old, listed and located in an idyllic castle park, the tower houses the Aquarius Wassermuseum in which, on 14 levels, everything revolves around water. The special thing about the Aquarius Wassermuseum are the 25 multimedia stations where you can learn about our lifeblood in 21 topics and test your knowledge with a quiz.

How knowledgeable are you?

A chip card which you receive at the entrance is your key to the multimedia stations. Your results are saved on the visitor chip and can be evaluated at the end. You can expect a first highlight before you begin the circuit to the top floor: You will travel in a glass lift through the partially full water containers and on the panorama deck have a superb view over Mülheim and the beautiful landscape of the Ruhr.

What is there is to discover?

The museum covers all sides of water. From source to human consumption, from its depiction in art to cultural aspects to economic use or dealing with waste water - in the Aquarius Wassermuseum you can learn about the full cycle. You can also determine your personal water footprint. The stations are complemented by films, simulations and games. After visiting the Aquarius Wassermuseum, a gentle stroll along the Ruhr is recommended.

Important information at a glance

Aquarius Wassermuseum (Aquarius Water Museum)
Burgstrasse 70
45476 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Tel.: +49 208 4433390
E-mail: miriam.schmalhaus(at)

You can find information on opening times and prices on the Aquarius Wassermuseum website.

The Aquarius Wassermuseum is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage.