Schlosstheater Moers: The small municipal theatre is a solid fixture

Moers on the Lower Rhine is in the immediate vicinity of the Ruhr area. Here, theatre is consistently socially critical and experimental. The Schlosstheater Moers has for example established itself as one of the smallest municipal theatres in Germany and is thus a solid fixture in the theatre scene. If you are looking for a lively and unconventional theatre, the Schlosstheater Moers should be high on your list. 

In Moers you will meet the theatre within the town.

As if the main stage and the venues in and around the castle, the most noteworthy Moers' building, were not exceptional enough, productions have also taken place in the fitness centre, at the pub bar, in the tennis hall or the council hall in the new town hall since 2003. As you can see, Moers is crazy about theatre and regularly creates a national sensation. Born from civic engagement in the 1970s, the strong ensemble thanks Moers with theatre, which is based on artistic and social initiatives and can certainly keep up with the big players.


Important information at a glance

Schlosstheater Moers
Kastell 6
47441 Moers
Tel.: +49 2841 8834110
Information on the programme, ensemble and tickets can be found on the website of the Schlosstheater Moers.

The Schlosstheater Moers is part of the RuhrBühnen network.