Moers Castle
Moers Castle

Moers Castle and Regional Museum

In the stately Moers Castle, you have the opportunity to delve into the noble world of Countess Walburgis von Neuenahr-Moers. She leads you through her former residence - obviously not as a castle ghost, but as a projection. The countess lived about 400 years ago in the castle which dates from the twelfth century. Unfortunately, she had no luck with husbands: The Spanish beheaded the first one, the second was killed by a gunpowder explosion. Moers Castle is one of the oldest listed buildings in the Ruhr region and houses the Regional Museum, the Court of Muses and the Moers Castle Theatre.

Regional Museum in Moers Castle

The former water castle of the Moers counts, from which the castle emerged, today houses the Regional Museum. It has been renovated and extended over the years. In addition to the history of the castle and the history of the culture and daily life of the region, the museum also exhibits an historic doll collection and special exhibitions. The medieval play and learning area in the Regional Court of the Muses next to the castle belongs to the museum. It can be visited on a tour and at special opening times and is a real insider’s tip for young and old alike because here you will experience the High Middle Ages up close!

Important information at a glance

Schloss Moers
Kastell 9
47441 Moers
Tel.: +49 2841 881510
E-mail: grafschafter-museum(at)

You will find further information on opening times and prices on the Moers City website.
The Moers Castle Theatre belongs to the RuhrBühnen network.