Kreativ.Quartier Lohberg
Kreativ.Quartier Lohberg

Lohberg Creative Quarter - A future location with art and culture

In Dinslaken, in Kreis Wesel, you will find the Lohberg Creative Quarter to be a really special project. Coal was extracted from the Lohberg Mine up until 2005. Together with the attached settlement, which was built based on the model of the garden city movement, for a long time, it was deemed to be the most modern place in Europe. Today, the settlement is listed. An exciting design was created for the mine from which you can still see some buildings and the mining tower. The Creative Quarter is part of this.

A vibrant cultural site

The buildings were already being used by artists after the mine was closed and mine filled with life and creativity. Now there is a multi-faceted cultural programme. The ‘Lohberg Power Station’ is a special art project. Here, you can contribute to the building’s energy production on bikes*, and there are regular exciting programmes. The ‘Halbe Treppe’ Theatre invites you to enjoy a programme lovingly designed by the artists themselves. Other events take place in the central workshop and the single persons’ hostel where unmarried miners used to live.

Different dwellings

In the original restored former warden’s cottage, there is special kiosk, the ‘Blaue Bude’ (Blue Dwelling). Here, you can not only buy sweets and drinks, but also obtain information and purchase Ruhrpott souvenirs for loved ones at home. ‘Anne Bude’ concerts are also held. Dance events, readings or dialogues also take place here. The ‘Documentation and Information Centre on Single Persons’ Hostels in Ruhr Mining (DIZeum)’ answers the question of how they used to live. Here you can understand the lives of the miners and their work and, for example, visit a typical single miner’s room.

Art in the park

The site of the former Lohberg Mine has been transformed into a green recreation area. Today in the new park, you will find the Lohberg ponds surrounded by hilly meadows, playgrounds, sports equipment and pitches, as well as areas to picnic and relax. The Lohberg Course, a 1.6-kilometre-long and carless course invites you to walk and cycle. The course is connected to the cycle path network so you can cycle further and discover the Ruhr region from the saddle. The ‘Lohberg Nord’ and ‘Lohberg Nord Erweiterung’ mine dumps are integrated in the park and in the future, you will be able to see to the Gasometer in Oberhausen or as far as Marl from them. The design of the park is accompanied by a variety of thematic projects by artists. So, for example, you can find sculptures in the park.


You can take various tours through Lohberg and across the site of the mine. On foot, on a Segway or by horse-drawn cart to the Lohberg mine dump - it’s your choice! There is also something for fans of geocaching. At 16 stations, you must answer questions to progress to a cache and to triumphantly write your name in the logbook at the end. Don’t have a GPS device? No problem, you can hire one for free in the Single Persons’ Hostel.

Important information at a glance

Kreativ.Quartier Lohberg (Lohberg Creative Quarter)
Hünxer Str. 374-380
46537 Dinslaken

*The power station is not open all year round. You will find information on opening times and programmes on the Lohberg Creative Quarter website.
You will find further information on art and cultural programmes, events and tours on the Lohberg Creative Quarter website.