Archaeological Park
Archaeological Park

Xanten Archaeological Park - experience the history of a Roman town

Travel 2,000 years back in time - that which many dream of is possible in Xanten. The Archaeological Park submerges you in life in a Roman town high up in Germania... what at first sounds like the beginning of an Asterix comic is the reality in Xanten Archaeological Park.

Living impressions of a ‘dead’ culture

Whether bath, temple or amphitheatre, the typically Roman buildings give you a living impression of how towns looked in the first century AD. The best part is that these reconstructions are in the same place that the ancient buildings stood, preserving the Roman town architecture in its original form. The interior of the Roman buildings was also restored with close attention to detail. So in the houses you will find residential rooms, a kitchen and a fully functioning bathhouse. The guesthouse is also used as an information centre.

Colonia Ulpia Traiana

With the help of a model, you will learn how Colonia Ulpia Traiana (the name of the town given by the residents) looked before. Colonia Ulpia Traiana was founded in 100 AD and received its name and the so-called ‘High Town Charter’ from Emperor Trajan at the time, which cemented its high status within the Roman Empire. With approximately 10,000 inhabitants, it was the third largest Roman town north of the Alps, only Claudia Ara Agrippinensium (modern-day Cologne) and Augusta Treverorum (Trier) were larger. After the fall of the Romans, the settlement began to decay however, it is the only one in Germany that wasn’t built over. Its foundations remain preserved today under fields and meadows. The opening of the Archaeological Park in 1977 ensured that this unique cultural relic would be preserved. Here, you can also learn more about excavation methods and evaluating archaeological research. Have your discoveries made you hungry? Enjoy dishes made according to old Roman recipes in the accommodation.

Special Roman events

Especially charming are the special events that regularly take place, such as ‘Roman Sundays’. Then you are warmly invited to participate in a hands-on experience, for example, doing some Roman cooking and baking, making jewellery or moulding coins. A further highlight is the Roman Museum, opened in 2008. It’s fascinating, not only thanks to its attractive exterior, but also its interior submerges you deep in the centuries-old Roman history and the life of the Romans in Lower Rhine.

Important information at a glance

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You will find further information on opening times and prices on the Xanten LVR Archaeological Park website.