Recklinghausen Substation
Recklinghausen Substation

Recklinghausen Substation - The ‘live’ museum

The Recklinghausen Substation – Life and Electricity Museum in Kreis Recklinghausen is a unique combination of a monument and a modern facility – the substation is still in operation today. In the attached museum, you will learn what it has to do with voltage. Let yourself be ‘electrified’ and understand the social, cultural and technical significance of electricity for people in the past and present. A number of stations invite you to touch and test out – but don’t worry, no one gets ‘zapped’!

Electricity is simply everywhere

… and therefore plays a central role in our lives. But how did it happen? Over 2,500 square metres, the Life and Electricity Museum shows how, in the truest sense of the word, and provides answers to a number of questions. What actually is electricity? How has electricity influenced the development of our vehicles and how will it continue to develop? And what does it all mean for the world of human work? In the historic part of the museum, it is also explained how such a substation works.

Electricity live and in colour

Playful experiments invite you to explore how electricity production works. Or relax in the small cinema, visit an old tramway and then hit a few keys on the electric keyboard. A number of other big and small objects and experiments also invite you to test them – you will see, a lot will amaze you! Other great objects are also presented at regular intervals in special exhibitions.

Beware – high voltage!

Every Sunday, you can experience something special in the museum because spectacular high-voltage demonstrations take place. There is also a public tour to complement this. Other events complement the programme. The Electricity and Life Museum takes part in Extraschicht every year and offers holiday programmes for children. In addition, there are events in the form of special exhibitions.

Important information at a glance

Recklinghausen Substation
Uferstrasse 2 - 4
45663 Recklinghausen
Tel.: +49 2361 382216
E-mail: info(at)

You will find further information on events, tours, opening times and prices on the Recklinghausen Substation website.

The Recklinghausen Substation is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage.