Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift
Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift

LWL Industrial Museum Ship Canal Lift - A heart for waterway captains

The Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift in Waltropisn’t only a must for technology fans. But for all those whose heart beats for waterway transport. The ship canal lift at Waltrop has clocked many years of service, it was opened by the Prussian king Wilhelm II. in 1899 and was a real symbol of prestige. To lift a loaded, several-tonne ship over 14 metres was a really big achievement at the time! Today there is a great view from the Ship Canal Lift of the Dortmund-Ems Canal, also the museum which takes you on a journey through the history of the works and the people on the canal.

A masterpiece – not only for technology fans

The Ship Canal Lift was not only a symbol of technology, but it is also eye-catching thanks to its stonework, today as in the past. In the historic machine hall, you will learn all about how the works came to be and its special technology. An historic shipyard and steamboats and swimming work equipment in the outer harbour are further attractions. Onboard the goods ship ‘Franz-Christian’, an exhibition provides a view into the life of the men working on the waterways and their families. As an anchor point on the Route of Industrial Heritage, the Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift is one of the most significant industrial monuments in the Ruhr region.

Elixir of life, object of yearning and musical motif

The water theme is found in other ways in what happens in and around the Ship Canal Lift. Special exhibitions on various topics, concerts, tastings, workshops and lectures give life to the industrial monument all year round. There are also regular tours. The passenger ship ‘Henrichenburg’ makes several long canal journeys along the museum quayside. Group tours for children, adults, school groups or people with disabilities complement what’s on offer.

Important information at a glance

LWL-Industriemuseum Schiffshebewerk Henrichenburg
Am Hebewerk 26
45731 Waltrop
Tel.: +49 2363 97070

You will find further information on opening times, tours, prices and events on the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift website.

The Henrichenburg Ship Canal Lift is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage.