Reviersprinter Dorsten and Herten
Reviersprinter Dorsten and Herten

REVIERSPRINTER - historic rail bus

With this rail bus from the economic boom years, you will experience the Ruhr region on an extensive network of rail bus tracks. The Uerdinger rail bus from the 1950s and 1960s offers regular trips from Westmünsterland to the Ruhr region via Dorsten. The special design provides a superb panorama, including a view over the shoulders of the train driver. Fold-down seats provide comfort and an individual perspective. There are tours in the timetable through the Ruhr region, to the Ruhr Valley, to the Duisburger Harbour and more; there are also special trips for children. Upon request you can charter the rail bus for special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays. Coffee, cake and cold drinks are available during the journey. Booking is essential!

(Bahnbetriebsgesellschaft Herten (Herten Railway Company))
Charter requests:
Tel.: +49 172 2305194
E-mail: vt796(at)

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