Marl Chemical Park
Marl Chemical Park

Chemical fascination that you can (almost) touch

The Chemical Park in Marl (Evonik) is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage: It is the only site that is still active but is nevertheless rooted in the history of the Ruhr region. With a surface area of nearly six square kilometres and 10,000 employees, it is one of the biggest chemical sites in Germany. Approx. 100 production sites produce products for industries ranging from automotive to medical technology to sport items. 900 buildings, 1,200 kilometres, 100 kilometres of rails and more than 4 million products which are sent all over the world - this site is really huge!

Experience tour à la chemistry set

During a tour of the works,you can experience the impressive facility and production sites up close and get an exciting glimpse into the world of chemical production. Highlight of the tour is the visit to the viewing platform on the ninth floor of a multi-storey building from where you have a terrific view of the massive plant, the town of Marl and the Ruhr region. The chemical site’s history and present are displayed in a multimedia exhibition across two levels.

Important information at a glance

Informations-Centrum Chemiepark Marl
Lipper Weg 235
45772 Marl
Tel.: +49 2365 495999
E-mail: infocenter(at)

Marl Chemical Park can only be visited on a tour.
You will find further information on the tours on the Marl Chemical Park website.

The Marl Chemical Park is an anchor point of the Route of Industrial Heritage.