Kreis Recklinghausen
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Kreis Recklinghausen – the best of two worlds

Are you looking for vibrant city life paired with a desire for the countryside? Kreis Recklinghausen offers both. Nearby and rural are the ten towns Recklinghausen, Marl, Castrop-Rauxel, Datteln, Dorsten, Gladbeck, Herten, Oer-Erkenschwick, Haltern am See and Waltrop.Each town has its own character.

Architectural pearls and industrial heritage

Are you interested in architecture? Then visit the town hall in Castrop-Rauxel, here the Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen designed a wonderful ensemble out of space and buildings.In contrast, you can visit the Waltrop Mine in Waltrop which was built in the historic style – a must for all fans of industrial architecture.

Fairy tale water castles

Do you prefer it romantic? Then visit the Lembeck Water Castle in Dorsten, the Wittringen Water Castle in Gladbeck or the Herten Water Castle in Herten. All the castles are – as their names suggest – surrounded by water and therefore have a special charm.They are also attractive venues, in the summer months, in particular, concerts, markets or even open-air cinema events take place here, reason enough for a visit!

Culture and shopping

You are almost certainly aware of Marl thanks to the Grimme Institute which has its headquarters there and the corresponding Grimme Prize. But the town also has a few museums and even a theatre to offer. During the ExtraSchicht, the Chemical Park also regularly opens its gates and grants us a glimpse behind the scenes. Particularly appealing is that culture and shopping are intertwined in Recklinghausen. If you love strolling around the city centre, but like what a shopping centre has to offer then Recklinghausen offers both. The town is also known thanks to the Ruhr Festival!

Hiking, mountain biking and water sport ‘easily’ done

Do you prefer it active? Then hike to the top of the Hoheward mine dump which lies between Herten and Recklinghausen and thanks to its horizon observatory is visible from miles around! The mine dump landscape here is also a paradise for mountain bikers! You can stop for a bite to eat behind on the Ewald Mine, at the foot of the mine dump.Water sports enthusiasts can take a detour to Haltern am See – here you can swim and sail to your heart’s desire, and explore an old Roman settlement!

Impressions from the Kreis Recklinghausen

The towns of the Kreis Recklinghausen