Strünkede Castle
Strünkede Castle

Strünkede Castle – the water castle in Herne

Strünkede Water Castle is one of the prettiest attractions in Herne and the prettiest castles in the Ruhr region. The magnificent Renaissance building from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries houses the city’s cultural and historical collections of the Emschertal Museum and is a popular tourist destination in the region. On a visit to the museum, you can discover a vibrant collection of Biedermeier furniture, mammoth bones, valuable watches and ceramics. In the castle’s park, which you can explore on an easy walk, Bernd von Strünkede had the castle chapel built in 1272 - today the oldest preserved building in Herne. If you fancy a drink after visiting Strünkede Park: The Recklinghausen City Harbour is nearby with its sandy outdoor area and delicious gastronomy!

Important information at a glance

Strünkede Castle
Karl-Brandt-Weg 5
44629 Herne
Tel.: +49 2323 161072
E-mail: emschertal-museum(at)

You can find information on opening times and prices on the Strünkede Castle website.