Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel
Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel

Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel - experience the ‘Ruhri’ in an entertaining way

Do you want to learn more about the mentality and character of the region in a sympathetic and warm way? Then an entertaining evening in Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel is the perfect idea. ‘Germany’s biggest community theatre’ is unique. Here, you can expect to see enchanting comedies that can only be seen here and nowhere else. Whether ‘Herr Pastor and Frau Teufel’ (Mr Pastor and Mrs Devil) or ‘Der zerdepperte Pott’ (The Smashed Pot): Numerous clichés from the Ruhr region serve the Mondpalast’s comedies well. Here, you can experience the ‘Ruhri’ with their typical humour and special ability to take the mickey out of themselves. For some years, ‘Ronaldo and Julia’ has been legendary, the story of two neighbouring landlords whose ethos’ couldn’t be more different: Dortmund vs. Schalke. With this play about an apparently impossible love between the two Ruhrpott clubs, Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel has been playing in the Champions League for a long time! An evening that won’t leave a dry eye in the house is guaranteed here.

Important information at a glance

Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel
Wilhelmstrasse 26
44649 Herne
Tel.: +49 2325 588999

You will find information on the programme, cast and tickets on the Mondpalast von Wanne-Eickel website.