LWL Museum for Archaeology
LWL Museum for Archaeology

LWL Museum for Archaeology - awaken your research spirit in Herne

The LWL Museum for Archaeology is in the centre of Herne and exhibits 10,000 findings from Westphalia's human history. Discover the history of this region in an underground excavation site – a unique exhibition. Your journey through the permanent exhibition will lead you on a walkway past graves from the Bronze Age, through Neanderthal caves and a medieval city.

You become the researcher yourself

In the prize-winning research laboratory, you will become an explorer or scientist and apply historical or physical methods. If you want to ‘dig’ yourself, take part in an excavation camp which regularly takes place in the outdoor area. Here, you will expose findings independently under instruction. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum for Archaeology in Herne also regularly puts on interesting special exhibitions.

Important information at a glance

LWL Museum for Archaeology in Herne
Europaplatz 1
44623 Herne
Tel.: +49 2323 9462820
E-mail: lwl-archaeologiemuseum(at)lwl.org

You can find information on the exhibition, opening times and prices on the Herne LWL Museum for Archaeology website.