Das Bild zeigt die Flottmann Hallen Herne.

Industrial location becomes a cultural centre: The Flottmann Halls in Hern

The Flottmann Halls in Herne are an outstanding example of how we can transform former industrial sites into cultural places in the Ruhr area! Where rotary hammers were once made and sold for mining, you can now encounter a significant number of exhibitions showing young artistic tendencies. The exhibition business on the former industrial site does not have thematic specifications and thus presents the works with which artists react to current world events. The only “restriction”: They have to fit inside the 600 square metres of exhibition space.

Come by and experience the special charm of the Flottmann Halls

A hall with five aisles is all that is left of the industrial complex. Their mixture of Art Nouveau and New Objectivity, make the Flottmann Halls a historical rarity in North Rhine-Westphalia and captivate people with their unique charm. Here, you will encounter the works of experimental artists in a very special room flooded with light. The place facilitates the viewing of large format paintings or expansive installations for a special kind of art enjoyment and at the same time the space is often also included in the artistic debate and used for staging.

In and around the halls: Art as far as the eye can see

You don’t only encounter art in the hall. Since the Capital of Culture year RUHR.2010, there is an eleven acre sculpture park in the outdoor area in front of the Flottmann Halls in Herne, just waiting to be roamed by you. In addition to sculptures by Heinrich Brockmeier, Peter Schwickerath, Reiner Seliger or Andreas Bee, there is something else to catch your eye next to the halls: The imposing wrought-iron gate by Karl Weinhold in the Art Nouveau style has marked the entrance to the factory grounds of Fottmann AG for many years. Now it presents itself almost mirrored to its original location.

Important information at a glance

Flottmann-Hallen Herne
Straße des Bohrhammers 5
44625 Herne
Tel.: +49 2323 162953
E-Mail: flottmann-hallen(at)herne.de

Information about opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the Flottmann-Hallen

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