Cranger Kirmes

Fun in Herne!

Herne is known far beyond the city limits thanks to the Cranger Kirmes. NRW’s biggest folk festival with more than 4 million visitors per year always takes place at the start of August on the Rhine-Herne Canal and with more than 500 performers makes the hearts of all carnival fans race. So you can not only find hustle and bustle in Herne, but also high culture! The LWL Museum for Archaeology is designed based on an archaeological excavation site and displays around 10,000 objects. The archaeology museum brings spectacular special exhibitions to Herne. You can even visit a castle from the Renaissance period in Herne: Strünkede Castle, which houses part of the Emschertal Museum, invites you on a journey of discovery through its chequered past.

Greenery, water, in the middle of everything

After so much culture and experience, do you require some relaxation? Then you are perfectly catered for in LAGO, the spa in Gysenbergpark. The sauna and water world gives you and your body a little time out. Thus relaxed, enjoy the park and its culinary offerings afterwards or experience the high art of conversation in the Mondpalast by Wanne-Eickel. Of course, you will also find relics of the mining era in Herne: The Teutoburgia settlement is a wonderfully positioned workers’ settlement through which it’s worth taking a walk! If still can’t silence your hunger for experience: Herne is not only perfectly connected via the motorway network, a metro line connects the city to nearby Bochum offers a very vibrant, student cultural and nightlife thanks to the Ruhr University.

Impressions from Herne

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