Hamm Wildlife Park

Hamm Wildlife Park – a wildlife adventure

Enjoy a wonderful day in the HammWildlife Park! Here, you can marvel at more than 550 animals in more than 80 species up close all year round. The animals range from domestic animals (ponies, sheep, goats) to animals from far distant countries, such as for example, rare Sri Lankan leopards, fossas, gibbons, kangaroos, zebra and lemurs.

Be close to the animals

In addition to seven accessible enclosures, on the varied wildlife park site, you will find a giant play area, comfortable food outlets, a natural history museum with a permanent exhibition and a petting zoo. You are allowed to feed nearly all of the hoofed animals yourself with feed pellets from the wildlife park’s automatic machines. Do you want to learn about the wildlife park and the fascinating visitors? Then book a tour in the zoo school and learn everything there is to know about the Wildlife Park in Hamm.

Important information at a glance

Hamm Wildlife Park
Grünstrasse 150
59063 Hamm
Tel.: +49 2381 53132
E-mail: kasse(at)tierpark-hamm.de

You can find information on opening times and prices on the Hamm Wildlife Park website.