Das Bild zeigt das Tabakhaus im LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen

Werdringen Water Castle – Museum of natural and human history

The Werdringen Water Castle in Hagen city district Vorhalle is situated in the Ruhr Valley on the edge of the Harkortsee recreation area. Surrounded by a unique natural and historical landscape, the museum in Werdringen Water Castle conveys the history of the region’s land and people with selected exhibits and a number of visual demonstrations.

Highlights in the museum

The faithful reproduction of a mammoth is primarily one of the most impressive objects in the museum for younger visitors. The display collection contains the oldest fossils in Westphalia, early land plants, giant primitive insects and dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period. The museum in Werdringen Water Castle is also home to the oldest remains of modern man from the post-glacial period in Europe. The museum’s attractive educational offering is a unique experience for young and old!

Important information at a glance

Museum Wasserschloss Werdringen
Werdringen 1
58089 Hagen
Tel.: +49 2331 3067266
E-mail: info(at)historisches-centrum.de

You can find information on opening times and prices on the Werdringen Water Castle website.