ZOOM Erlebniswelt
ZOOM Erlebniswelt

ZOOM Erlebniswelt - discover fascinating animals from all over the world in Gelsenkirchen

Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen is one of the most popular zoos in the Ruhr region. On a small trip around the world, you will discover flora and fauna from Africa, Alaska and Asia here – and all in just one day! Instead of cramped cages, at ZOOM you will find authentic landscapes in which animals can be happy. Based on their natural habitat. Over 30 hectares, there are rivers, lake landscapes, extensive marsh and grassland, jungle and cliffs. Dive into the animal world – without visible barriers and cages. You can see animal species from far distant continents up close: polar bears and sealions in the middle of the underwater world, chimpanzees in the jungle area or be eye to eye with lions. At ZOOM Erlebniswelt, you can go on an expedition tour through Africa, Alaska and Asia.

Asia – Dive into the jungle kingdom

Asia’s exotic world fascinates with a variety of animal and plant species. In ZOOM Erlebniswelt’s Asia, you can discover the green jungle paradise of the South Asian rainforest. Your Asian adventure will put you in the middle of orangutans and Hanuman langurs, red pandas and camels. You will also discover the Siberian Tiger who prowls about the ‘Tiger Kingdom’ – a really special highlight!

Alaska – Expedition into a world of extremes

In Alaska, you will find a variety of vegetation areas from the North American region combined. More than 100 animals live in the areas which are based on coastal rainforests, tundra, rocky mountain landscapes or the polar region. On a circuit, you can not only see elk, lynx and wolves up close, but also Alaskan brown bears, the biggest land carnivore in the world. And obviously it wouldn't be Alaska without polar bears!

Africa – Safari through the secret continent

Approximately 400 animals live as naturally as possible in the extensive grass, bush and marshlands of Erlebniswelt’s Africa. Lions roam the terrain which is based on the Waterberg rocky landscape in Namibia. On your visit to the zoo, a glass pane is all that separates you from the king of the animals! The circuit leads past zebras, antelopes, ostrich, rhinos, chimpanzees, baboons, flamingos and giraffes. On a 20-minute boat ride, you can get within a few metres of the tremendous hippos. Adventurers enjoy an impressive panoramic view from the viewing platform of the Africa Lodge, whilst young safari participants can let off steam in the large adventure playground.
Away from the everyday, into adventure – experience an unforgettable day at ZOOM Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen.

Important information at a glance

ZOOM Erlebniswelt
Bleckstrasse 64
45889 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: +49 209 95450
E-mail: info(at)zoom-erlebniswelt.de

You will find information on opening times and prices on the ZOOM Erlebniswelt website.