Musiktheater im Revier
Musiktheater im Revier

Musiktheater im Revier - Music to experience in Gelsenkirchen

For those in Gelsenkirchen who are not interested in football, there are sufficient alternatives. For example the Musiktheater im Revier! From operas and operettas to world premieres of experimental formats to musicals - the modern and varied programme of Musiktheater im Revier has something for everyone. The rock opera ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ or ‘The Magic Flute’ have already played here, as well as a number of compelling ballet performances and reviews.

An important theatre in NRW

Since 1959, the Musiktheater im Revier has been here. At the time, it was already one of the most important theatres after the Second World War and today is one of the most important opera houses in North-Rhine Westphalia. But it’s not only thanks to its programme and art that the venue has been leading the way for decades. The Musiktheater im Revier is also a head-turner thanks to its design!

Architecture in Gelsenkirchen

When planning the building, architect Werner Ruhnau worked with an entire palette of art periods and directions and incorporated the works of various famous artists. Here you will find the plastic tubes of Norbert Kricke, the moving works of Jean Tinguely, a large and striking concrete relief in front of the entrance by Robert Adams or the famous sponge relief in bright royal blue by Yves Klein. So you don’t have to have been to a performance to enjoy art.

educational Program in the Musiktheater

So that theatre and opera are not just something for adults, the Musiktheater im Revier offers a special programme for children and teenagers under the motto ‘Participate and Experience’. Gelsenkirchen school theatre days also take place in the concert hall and there are always holiday programmes, dance projects and workshops for young creatives from nursery to secondary school-age. Those who want to learn more about Musiktheater im Revier can take a tour or attend the music brunch.

Important information at a glance

Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen
45881 Gelsenkirchen
Tel.: +49 209 40970
E-mail: info(at)

You will find information on the programme, cast and tickets on the Musiktheater im Revier website.

The Musiktheater im Revier belongs to the RuhrBühnen network.