PACT Zollverein
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PACT Zollverein - Contemporary dance meets industrial culture

The PACT Zollverein - Performing Arts Choreographisches Zentrum NRW der Tanzlandschaft Ruhr in Essen is a centre for the performing arts with a focus on dance. The centre is located on the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein , more precisely in the former shower room. Here, the miners used to change before and after their shift and shower. In the "White Room" the miner's regular clothes were put into baskets and pulled up to under the ceiling , in the "Black Room" the miners' clothes. After coal mining was discontinued at Zollverein in the late 1980s, the room "Kaue" was discovered as an ideal place for a centre for contemporary dance.

Stage and venue for the promotion of artists

At PACT you can not only follow artists in various guest performances on the two stages, the centre also produces and co-produces dance pieces and performances. The public programme shows a colourful mixture of small and large, national and international artists. The other rooms and corners of the dressing rooms are also used intensively for art. Here you can see exhibitions and installations. The centre is very well networked and promotes, establishes and carries out exciting projects time and again. Thus, the artists can acquire a residence in the PACT and work on their works. In addition, artists of all disciplines will be given the opportunity to show their art in an evening programme.

Research and neighbourhood

The PACT Zollverein also sees itself as a platform for joint research, discovery, learning and development for students, artists and scientists. So you see, there is a lot of creativity at work in the PACT! The centre has not lost its connection to its surroundings, especially not to the surrounding district, Essen-Katernberg. Here, PACT is involved for the residents, promotes cooperation or participates in district projects. One of these projects is the WerkStadt, a meeting place where regular workshops for young and old with residents, artists and PACT take place. In addition, events such as concerts or dialogues are also organised.

Important information at a glance

PACT Zollverein
Bullmannaue 20a
45327 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 2894700
E-mail: info(at)

More information about the programme, tickets and workshops can be found on the PACT Zollverein website.
PACT Zollverein is part of the RuhrBühnen network.