Red Dot Design Museum
Das Bild zeigt einen Ausstellungsraum im Red Dot Design Museum.

Red Dot Design Museum – Function meets form

A journey through the world of product design: At the Red Dot Design Museum you will find around 2,000 items of daily use that are literally in good shape. In the historical ambience of the former boiler house of the Zeche Zollverein, you will find design icons and classics, surprising functionalities and innovative everyday objects that have been awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award. The permanent exhibition is supplemented by changing special exhibitions: The winners of the Red Dot Design Award will have a stage here and the museum will guide you through exciting aspects of design history. True to the motto "Experience design", the exhibits invite visitors to touch and participate. A beautiful shape alone does not make a good design. But it is the excellent functionality, the practical value of the exhibits, that makes them worthy of an award. Your tour through the exhibition of the Red Dot Design Museum is therefore also a walk through exciting cultural differences and focal points of product development.

From industrial reform to Red Dot

Good design was already a major topic in Essen in the 1950s. In 1955, the"Permanent Show of Beautifully Shaped Industrial Products" opened at Villa Hügel. Even then, the award-winning objects, from household objects to furniture, were regarded as models for good product design and made a decisive contribution to the aesthetic demands placed on today's everyday objects. After several stopovers in the city of Essen, the award-winning designer pieces moved to what is now the Red Dot Design Museum in 1997. Since then, a visit to Zollverein has been inseparably linked to the museum of the world's largest exhibition of contemporary design. The partly ultra-modern, partly timelessly beautiful exhibits form an exciting contrast to the historical ambience of the disused colliery, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

Important information at a glance

Red Dot Design Museum
Gelsenkirchener Straße 181
45309 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 3010425
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