Philharmonie Essen
Das Bild zeigt die Philarmonie Essen von innen.

Essen Theatre and Philharmonic: five branches of stage art ensure maximum diversity

With the Aalto Music Theatre and the Aalto Ballet Theatre in Essen, the Essen Philharmonic, the Essen Theatre and the Essen Philharmonic, you will find one of the largest theatre operations in Germany right in the heart of the Ruhr Metropolis. The theatre locations and the Essen Philharmonic, TUP for short, are also among the architectural icons of the region. This means: Even if you do not step inside the theatre, walking around it is always worthwhile.

Make your way to one of the top addresses in the German world of opera and ballet

During your stay in the Ruhr area, you should especially pay a visit to the Aalto Theatre, which is named after its Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and has asymmetrically curved, flowing lines and a window arrangement reminiscent of a piano. If you are also interested in a production: The Aalto is considered one of the top addresses of the world of German opera and ballet!

The Essen Philharmonic invites you on musical adventures

Diagonally opposite, on the other side of Essen's city park, is the historical Essener Saalbau, the home concert hall of the Essen Philharmonic. Acoustically, the building is one of the best concert halls in Germany. As you can see, Essen is culturally a city of superlatives. Listening to a concert in the Philharmonic is something very special. You have the choice between classical and jazz, new and old music, symphonic concerts and chamber music. Both well established artists as well as promising young talents are on stage. Incidentally, the venue was opened in 1904 by no one less than Richard Strauss.

You cannot miss the Grillo Theatre!

And of course there are also a spoken theatre in Essen! You cannot help but notice the pink neo-baroque style building in the middle of the city. The construction was made possible by the entrepreneur and industrialist Friedrich Grillo, who opened the local theatre business in 1892. The Grillo Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the Ruhr area. Throughout its history, it has withstood all adversities.

The theatre in Essen: More than just a theatre

Today, the Grillo Theatre presents itself as a modern, variable city theatre, whose ensemble is dedicated to both classic material and new texts. The Grillo is joined by the Casa and the Box in the theatre passage opposite the main venue. In an intimate chamber play atmosphere you can let the power of theatre work on you in a special way. Exchange and extras are the focus in the Heldenbar on the second floor of the Grillo Theatre or in the Café Central International. A lot is going on at the TUP!

Important information at a glance

Philharmonie Essen
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Opening hours, programme and all further information can be found on the website of the Philharmonie Essen.
The theatre and the Philharmonie Essen are part of the RuhrBühnen networks.