Old Synagogue
Old Synagogue

Old Synagogue Essen – the House of Jewish Culture in Essen

The Old Synagogue Essen, built between 1911 and 1913, was once one of the largest and most important Jewish buildings. Today it is still considered one of the most impressive free-standing synagogue buildings in Germany. Due to the severe damage during the war, it served as a house of industrial design in the post-war period, later as a memorial and documentation forum. Today it houses the"House of Jewish Culture" – and is now a unique place where you can learn a lot about Jewish culture.

Relaxing on the organ gallery?

When you visit the old synagogue, you'll probably wonder: Am I even allowed to relax on the organ gallery of a former Jewish prayer house? Yes, you may, because for this purpose the designer loungers have been placed here. Make yourself comfortable and let the history of the house, with all its ups and downs, sink in, told through architecture, pictures, figures and texts. For those who want to delve even deeper into history: Among other things, the interactive exhibition concept uses a touchscreen installation to illustrate facets of today's Jewish lifestyles in nine metropolises. In addition, the versatile events invite you to a voyage of discovery!

Important information at a glance

Old Synagogue
Edmund-Körner-Platz 1
45127 Essen
Tel.: +49201 8845218
E-mail: alte-synagoge(at)essen.de

Opening hours and all further information can be found on the website of the Old Synagogue.