Limbecker Platz Essen
Limbecker Platz Essen

Limbecker Platz Essen - The shopping address in Essen

The shopping city of Essen has its own shopping mall. Fashion, electronics and culinary variety under one roof await you in the city centre. Go shopping in the shopping centre Limbecker Platz Essen!

Shopping right in the city centre

Essen proudly bears the nickname "Shopping City". Its extensive range of shopping facilities has been one more attraction since 2009: At that time, the shopping centre at Limbecker Platz opened Germany's largest shopping centre in an inner-city area. In the Ruhr Metropolis, the 70,000 m² shopping centre on several floors is a shopping highlight that no city trip should be without. More than 200 shops can be found in the architecturally elaborately designed building with its spectacular facade.
You can explore the rows of shops on a round trip: The shops are arranged in galleries grouped around central points on several floors. Branches of well-known retail chains and local companies offer you a wide variety of goods at Limbecker Platz Essen. Located at the beginning of Limbecker Straße – one of the two main hubs of Essen's inner city pedestrian zone – Limbecker Platz Essen is without a doubt the gateway to the city.

Family shopping with all the comforts

Shopping at Limbecker Platz Essen is an experience at any time of year and in any weather. The multi-storey car park with its 2,400 parking spaces makes it possible for you to stroll comfortably through the shops even in wet and cold weather without having to search for a parking space beforehand. If you're out and about with youngsters, there's plenty to do at the large playground. A spectacular fountain with seating invites you to linger and international culinary branches pamper your culinary needs. Feel like shopping at the witching hour? Every first Friday of the month there is "Midnight Shopping" at Limbecker Platz Essen, which is then open until midnight.

Important information at a glance

Limbecker Platz
Limbecker Platz 1a
45127 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 1778960

Opening hours and all further information can be found on the website of Limbecker Platz.