Grillo Theatre
Grillo Theatre

Grillo Theater – the oldest municipal theatre in the Ruhr Area

The Grillo Theatre in the city of Essen is the oldest city theatre in the Ruhr region. This is the home of the "Schauspiel Essen", where it stages the great classics. It is one of the cultural highlights in the Ruhr Area and offers a varied programme for lovers of art and culture.

More than just theatre

The Café Central is on the first floor of the Grillo Theater. Besides the entertainment before and after the performances, there is a small stage for actors, authors, scientists and other experts, who entertain you with readings, lectures, discussions and musical programmes.

Other atmospheres require different walls

In the theatre passage across the street you will find the Casa. It is the second venue for the play, in which pieces and materials are on the programme that can best unfold their power and effect in an intimate chamber play atmosphere. The box, located directly next to the Casa, is another venue for powerful and fast stories of today and due to the small space, the actors are very close to the audience here.


Important information at a glance

Grillo Theatre
Theaterplatz 11
45127 Essen
Tel.: +49 201 81 22 200

Opening hours, schedule and entrance fees can be found on the website of the Grillo Theater.
The Theater and the Philharmonie Essen are part of the RuhrBühnen networks.