Das Bild zeigt die Außenansicht des Märkischen Museum Witten

German art after 1900? The Märkisches Museum in Witten is the place to be

The library, city archive, music school, cultural office, function rooms and last but not least the Märkisches Museum in Witten form a cultural centre in the heart of the north-eastern Ruhr area. The museum stands out due to its special construction: The facade, which is made of Ruhr sandstone, makes a massive impression and the recreated floor plan of a three-aisled church that you find in Witten are now a protected monument. It hosts one of the most extensive collections of German art since 1900.

Immerse yourself in an unexpectedly comprehensive collection of Abstract Modernism

The Association for Local and Regional Studies in the County of Mark was first housed in this impressive building. There was no trace of modern art at the beginning of the 20th Century. It only entered after the turmoil of the Second World War. In Witten today, you can see one of the largest collections of Art Informel in Germany with works from all the important representatives of this art movement. In addition to this emphasis, the exhibitions in the Märkisches Museum in Witten give you an overview the overall development of modern abstraction. Immerse yourself in the approximately 4,000 works of German painting, sculpture and graphics, which are part of the exhibition!

The Märkisches Museum in Witten is always up to date:

The temporary exhibitions create a link to contemporary art. Staying up-to-date and always having German and international contemporary art works in relation to the works of the collection is particularly important to the Witten exhibition organisers. During your visit to the Märkisches Museum, you will learn about historic influences on current artistic approaches or how artists of today work off the themes of their predecessors. The view of the museum in Witten is not only directed back, but always guided by the question: What does one or another artwork mean to you right now?

Important information at a glance

Märkisches Museum
Husemannstraße 12
58452 Witten
Tel: +49 2302 5812550
E-Mail: maerkisches.museum(at)stadt-witten.de

Information about opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the Märkisches Museum Witten.

The Märkisches Museum Witten is a member of the RuhrKunstMuseen.