Ruhrorter Personenschifffahrt
Ruhrorter Personenschifffahrt

Ruhrorter Personenschifffahrt - On the Rheinfels through the Duisburg Harbour

Harbour cruises, programme tours and charter trips around the Duisburg Harbour: This is exactly what Ruhrorter Personenschifffahrt offers you in Duisburg. If you not only want to see Harbour, but also to experience it, then this little family-run business is the place for you! Every trip becomes an experience, even if the harbour is not full of ships, or the weather is not quite perfect.

A living room on the water

Affectionately referred to by passengers as the "The living room on the water", you sail through the Duisburg Harbour on the 25-metre-long and 5.2-metre-wide passenger ship "Rheinfels". You can look for a relaxed place on board on two saloon levels or enjoy the sun's rays on the sun deck in good weather. For special occasions you can charter the "Rheinfels" and hold your celebrations in a discreet and cosy setting.

Important information at a glance

Ruhrorter Personenschiffahrt
Gotenstr. 4
47178 Duisburg
Embarking and disembarking: Duisburg Ruhrort Schifferbörse
Tel.: + 49 203 8070677
E-mail: ruhrorter-personenschiffahrt(at)

Information about opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the Ruhrorter Personenschifffahrt.