Tiger & Turtle Duisburg

Duisburg – A mixed bag full of experiences

You enjoy the flair of big cities, but also want to experience relaxing hours in rural idyll at the same time? Then Duisburg is the right place for you. The city in the west of the Ruhr Area often struggles with negative clichés, but will surprise you with its versatility. Here you will find, for example, a former iron and steel mill that today invites you to dive and climb, a heap with a "walkable roller coaster" on the summit, the largest inland harbour in the world, a diverse museum landscape, a wide range of shops and a lot of nature (on the water). Duisburg combines apparent opposites into an exciting metropolitan mixture.

From heap experience to harbour cruise

No other city in the Ruhr Area is as committed to the topic of "water" as Duisburg is. Explore the world's largest inland port on a harbour cruise, relax on the Six Lakes Plateau or on the water, move from bar to bar and restaurant to restaurant in Duisburg's inner harbour or cycle along the RuhrtalRadweg to the mouth of the Rhine. The Landscapepark Duisburg-Nord  offers you 100 percent industrial culture. On the site of the former blast furnace plant you can visit climbing, diving, events such as street food markets, the Traumzeit Festival or the Photo + Adventure or enjoy the view of the Ruhr Area from blast furnace 5. Breathtaking views are also provided by the heap work of art Tiger & Turtle at Heinrich-Hildebrandt-Höhe. Here you can relax or watch the sun set after an eventful day in the Ruhr Area.

Impressions from Duisburg

Important information at a glance

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Information about other sights, hotels and experiences in Duisburg can be found on the Duisburg Kontor website.