Das Bild zeigt die Außenansicht des Theater Dortmund

Is a varied cultural offer appealing? Then the Dortmund Theatre is the right place for you.

Five divisions, 70 productions per season, 750 performances per season, 550 employees, 250,000 spectators per year: may we introduce ourselves? This is the Dortmund Theatre in the Ruhr Metropolis, one of the most productive theatre companies in Germany. Regardless of whether you prefer classical to modern theatre or opera rather than operettas, modern dance to ballet, in Dortmund all theatre fans will get their money's worth. The children and youth theatre in Dortmund also has a packed programme for the next generation. By the way, it is one of the oldest theatres of its kind and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Visit one of the most prestigious German theatres in Dortmund

Sensual and disturbing, entertaining and fascinating, enchanting and intelligent: that's how the Dortmund Theatre presents a spoken theatre to thrill you. Does that meet your expectations? Great, then visit one of the most prestigious and innovative German theatres in Dortmund. Here, the audience and the present are among the pivotal points of artistic creation. Let yourself be taken by the hand and led to the limit by the protagonists: share in their joy and compassionate suffering. As a public space of experiencing, discussing and celebrating, the Dortmund Theatre invites you to play a part in the institution and to make this place yours again and again.

Convince yourself: Opera, ballet and symphonies for everyone in the Dortmund Theatre

In Dortmund (!) we claim that opera is easier to understand than a football game and promises to make "opera for all". It’s best if you convince yourself of this and visit one of the baroque operas, musicals, operettas or contemporary productions of the Dortmund Opera. Young talents and new material also make it easier for you to access the productions of the Dortmund Ballet, which has been celebrating great success for several years now. The annual International Ballet Gala evenings are a special highlight, which we recommend to you. The Dortmund Philharmonic creates highlights in both symphony concerts and musical theatre. Since 2002 you can enjoy them even more: The Philharmonic has a concert hall which gives you a very special cultural experience both architecturally and acoustically.

Important information at a glance

Theaterkarree 1-3 (ehem. Kuhstraße 12)
44137 Dortmund
E-Mail: ticketinfo(at)theaterdo.de
Telefonzentrale: +49 231 50 27222

Information on the programme, ensemble and tickets can be found on the website of the Theatre Dortmund.

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