Museum of Art and Cultural history
Museum of Art and Cultural history

Museum of Art and Cultural History - traverses several centuries in one day

Walk through several centuries in just one day? This is exactly what the Museum for Art and Cultural History in Dortmund has to offer. Here you can admire paintings, sculptures, furniture and handicrafts from prehistory and early history to the 20th century, which tell an impressive story of past times. Dortmund's city history, the Middle Ages, the influence of industrialisation, the 1920s and rural Westphalia come to life here once again.

Precious, rare, typical and everyday

The museum itself is an important part of Dortmund's history. The Museum of Art and Cultural History, which you will find in the building of the former savings bank built in 1923, has been collecting suitable exhibits since 1883: Precious, rare, typical, everyday. Highlights include the Dortmund gold treasure, the Romanesque triumphal cross, the Madonnas of Conrad von Soest and the Renaissance cabinet of rarities. The extensive art collection with works of important painters of the 18th and 19th century such as C. D. Friedrich, Spitzweg, Feuerbach, Liebermann, Slevogt and Corinth also attracts you. On the ground floor of the museum, you can have a break in the café or stock up on souvenirs and presents in the museum shop.

Important information at a glance

Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (Museum of Art and Cultural History)
Hansastrasse 3
44137 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 5025522
E-mail: mkk(at)

Information on opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the Museum of Art and Cultural History.