CityTour Dortmund

CityTour Dortmund – Guided city tour with individual touch

Dortmund is no longer the former grey steel, coal and beer metropolis. Convince yourself and get to know the many interesting and architecturally attractive places and buildings with the CityTour Dortmund, a very special city tour. With a red double-decker bus, you can drive through the city – even in the open upper deck when the weather is good. This way, you can enjoy Dortmund's sights in a relaxed way while either "passing by" or "getting out".

Facts, anecdotes and sights in 100 minutes

The CityTour Dortmund with the red double-decker bus takes just under two hours. During this time, you will receive interesting information and entertaining anecdotes about Dortmund via audio system and headphones. If you particularly like one of the twelve stops, just get out and have a look around. Two hours later you continue your exploration tour by bus.

Important information at a glance

CityTour Dortmund
Kampstraße 80
44137 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 189990
E-mail: info(at)

Information about the route, travel times and prices can be found on the DORTMUNDtourismu website.