Brewery Museum Dortmund
Brewery Museum Dortmund

Brewery Museum Dortmund – immerses yourself in the beer tradition of the city

Dortmund is not only a football town, but also the beer city in the Ruhr Area, which looks back on a long tradition. The Brewery Museum Dortmund is dedicated to this long and successful brewing tradition. In the historical engine house of the former Hansa brewery in Dortmund you will learn everything about the history of beer brewing in Dortmund, which, along with coal and steel, was a very clear part of the triad of industrialisation in the Ruhr Area.

A town with a brewing tradition

The Brewery Museum is dedicated to Dortmund's long and successful brewing tradition. Here you will learn details about the heyday of beer brewing in Dortmund since the 1950s, the history of Dortmund's many breweries and the art of industrial beer brewing. In addition, the museum tells you many interesting facts about the development of Dortmund into an industrial city in the Ruhr Area.

Important information at a glance

Brewery Museum Dortmund
Steigerstraße 16
44145 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 8400200
E-mail: brauereimuseum-dortmund(at)

Information about opening hours and entrance fees can be found on the website of the Brewery Museum Dortmund.