Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop
Das Bild zeigt das Josef Albers Museum in Bottrop.

Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop: Discover the monument for the "son" of the city

The Bottrop artist Josef Albers is said to have once said "I need centuries and millions of squares to satisfy my hunger for colours". The Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop is thus a monument to the city's son in several respects: At the Josef Albers Museum, you can learn more about the artistic development of the painter and art theorist, which ended with the "Homage to the Square" series. On the other hand, the Museumszentrum Quadrat houses his works and at the same time pays tribute to the interests of the honorary citizen of the city in the museam's name. And by the way, you will notice that the square is the essential design element of the extension, in which the currently largest public Albers collection is exhibited.

Satisfy your hunger for colour in the Museumszentrum Quadrat

Josef Alber's pictures of flat and interlaced squares, for which he is internationally renowned, shine in all colours. His longing for colour was boundless, they say. When Albers died in 1976 in New Haven, Connecticut, he missed the opening of the Museumzentrum Quadrat in his native Bottrop. After he had donated six of his paintings to the city, the planning of an extension for the local history museum in the city garden began. Today, the Quadrat, as it is called in the city, shows not only the works of Josef Albers, but also exhibitions of classical and international modern art.

You will find even more art in the sculpture garden

The view through the glass front of the large pavilion building gives you an idea: The freely accessible park landscape around the museum is dotted with sculptures by Donald Judd, Norbert Kricke, Ernst Hermanns, Douglas Abdell, Marcello Morandini and many other internationally renowned sculptors.

Delve into Bottrop's past in the Museum of Ancient and Local History

The exhibits of the former local history museum have not disappeared. You can find them today in the Museum of Prehistory and Local History. Stone-Age tools, skeletons from the Emscher valley and many other finds illustrate the population history of the city of Bottrop. In addition, you will gain exciting insights into the settlement history of the Ruhr Area.

Important information at a glance

Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop
Im Stadtgarten 20
46236 Bottrop
Tel.: +49 2041 29716
E-mail: quadrat(at)

Information about opening hours and special exhibitions can be found on the website of the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop.

The Josef Albers Museum Quadrat Bottrop is a member of the RuhrKunstMuseen.