Horror Labyrinth NRW
Horror Labyrinth NRW

Horror Labyrinth NRW – eerie horror world with loads of fun

Dark corridors and dungeons, ghostly characters, Grim Reaper, goblins and zombies: At the Horror Labyrinth NRW thrills and goose bumps are guaranteed. A total of 16 theme worlds await you. But beware: Entrance is at your own risk! At the Horror Labyrinth NRW, you dive into the world of the supernatural, of magic and high tension. Find your way through three mazes and experience breathtaking shows with professional actors who will teach you the meaning of horror. You will solve exciting puzzles, encounter ghostly beings and experience some shocking moments.

Learn what horror is in an impressive setting

The horror labyrinth NRW is located in the former washing room of the Prosper Haniel Colliery in Bottrop. Right next to it you will find the impressive Malakoff tower, which is a special rarity in the Ruhr Area. Of more than 130 towers of the past, only 13 remain today – and this one is the most massive. You can even climb it on guided tours.

Labyrinths and attractions in the Horror Labyrinth NRW

In groups of up to 25 people, a special kind of horror spectacle awaits you in the Horror Labyrinth NRW. The main attractions of the 100-minute tour through the Horror Labyrinth are complemented by seasonal events, such as Halloween or around Christmas. The Horror Labyrinth Shaft 13 also leads you into a mine of horror and shows you true horror at a depth of 1,000 metres. The Horror Labyrinth NRW is suitable for visitors aged eight years and older.

Important information at a glance

Horror Labyrinth NRW
auf der Zeche Prosper Haniel 2
Knappenstraße 36
46238 Bottrop
Tel.: +49 2041 5670666
E-mail: mail(at)grusellabyrinth.de

Information about opening hours and prices can be found on the website of the Horror Labyrinth NRW.