Kunstmuseum Bochum
Das Bild zeigt des Kunstmuseum in Bochum.

Experience enlightening art moments at the Kunstmuseum Bochum

The Kunstmuseum Bochum certainly provides illuminating art moments to all art fans among you – not only at night – when it shines in the blue light of the installation "Skyline" by Francois Morellet. In recent years, museum director Hans Günter Golinski has also tried to put the focus of the collection in a special light: The art to be admired in Bochum is becoming increasingly international. Art from Mexico, Chile, Israel, Korea or China can be seen in the exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum Bochum, as can works of art by renowned regional artists from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s or works associated with the new media.

International art meets star architecture from Denmark

The interest in contemporary art beyond the borders of Germany is part of the DNA of the Bochum Museum: The founding director Peter Leo and his successor Peter Spielmann already paid equal attention to works by Western European contemporaries as well as to art from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Following this guiding principle, you can discover international art not only behind the museum walls, but can also find art from all over the world in the light installation and in the cubist extension of the Danish star architects Bo and Wohlert from 1983 in the surroundings of the museum.

Exhibition projects at the Kunstmuseum Bochum are interdisciplinary

The Kunstmuseum Bochum prefers to preserve and present the collected works of international art from 1900 to the present in an interdisciplinary way: The museum's exhibition projects repeatedly deal with the interaction between the fine arts, other art forms, religion, history or the sciences. If you are curious about how the museum takes on this task, how it manages to connect the local with the global while remaining a socially inappropriate location, then pay a visit to the Kunstmuseum on your next excursion to Bochum.

Important information at a glance

Kunstmuseum Bochum<br/> Kortumstraße 147<br/> 44787 Bochum<br/> Tel.: +49 234 9104230<br/> E-mail: museum(at)bochum.de

Information about opening hours and entrance fees can be found on the website of the Kunstmuseum Bochum.<br/> The Kunstmuseum Bochum is a member of the RuhrKunstMuseen.