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Das Bild zeigt die Außenansicht der Kunstsammlung der RUB

Only available in Bochum: An art collection on the university camp

Everyone who studied at the Ruhr University Bochum, also fondly called RUB, knows: High calibre European and American art from the post-war years is gathered here in the middle of the campus and this is unique in Germany. It blends modestly into university life, located directly below the university library, opposite the campus's largest lecture theatre. But the art collection of the Ruhr University Bochum really doesn’t have to hide: You can see around 1,000 works in changing collections and exhibitions, ranging from works by Frank Stellas to works by Alberto Giacometti, Richard Serra or photographs by Bernd and Hilla Becher and Andreas Gursky as well as works by Gerhard Richter and Bruce Nauman.

Museum art on the campus of the Ruhr University

The F.A.Z. critic Albert Schulze Vellinghausen set a condition in 1967, two years after establishment of the RUB: Set up a museum on the campus and I will entrust the university my collection of European and American art. And that’s how it happened. The art collection has grown in the meantime. Significant works have been added through a donation by the gallery owner Alexander von Berswordt-Wallrabe. Since 1990, this can be seen in the Situation Kunst (for Max Imdahl), located in the park of Haus Weitmar. The pavilions were even designed especially for the artworks! And so, a comprehensive presentation of high calibre modern and contemporary art and Asian sculptures, ceramics and Thangkas opened up.

Discover modern and contemporary works in three very special places in Bochum

The collection on campus stands alone. Embedded in the 1960s concrete brutalism, you have the possibility of an art experience which is unique in Germany. A tip: Combine the museum visit with lunch in the cafeteria. From there you have a wonderful view of the Ruhr valley, but will also meet some of the works by media artist Ferdinand Kriwet. In addition to the pavilions in the park of Haus Weitmar, the so-called cube has also been part of the exhibition space of the Ruhr University’s art collections since 2010. It rises from the ruins of Haus Weitmar, which was destroyed during the Second World War and is a place for temporary exhibitions and events of all kinds. In this park, you will quickly feel how art, architecture and nature relate to each other. And on top of that, or rather underneath, the Ruhr University has been rewarded with another museum to mark its 50th birthday: The Underground Museum offers an additional 1,350 square metres of underground exhibition space.


Important Information at a glance

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Information about opening hours and entrance fees can be found on the website of the Ruhr University Bochum.

The Art collection of the Ruhr-University is a member of the RuhrKunstMuseen.