Dellviertel - take a stroll through Duisburg’s cultural district

The number one trendy district in Duisburg is the Dellviertel. (Shopping) culture unfolds in an original manner on and around Dellplatz. The diverse culture on offer means there is something for everyone here. Do you like to spend time at museums? Then visit the Lehmbruck Museum or Museum DKM and have a look around! If you would prefer to watch a film, then take a seat at the film forum, a small cinema with two 50s-style halls. They also show original versions of films here.

Jewellery, crafts and vinyl LPs

Despite its proximity to the lively city centre, Duisburg’s Dellviertel entices with its many avenues and small streets for taking a stroll or whiling away the time. Long sought-after vinyl LPs or bits and bobs with cool slogans on them can be recovered at “Onkel Stereo”, jewellery, crafts and lots of other interesting things can be found at “Sabinksi”. And for light refreshment on the side, why not try “Cafe Movies”, which adds a certain flair with its film decor.

Shopping trips in Duisburg’s Dellviertel