Restaurants in the Ruhr Valley
Das Bild zeigt den Outdoor-Bereich des Ewald Cafés.

Restaurants in the Ruhr Valley – from currywurst to award-winning cuisine

You can expect to find a wide-ranging culinary experience in the Ruhr Valley that is second to none. From Westphalian-style chips to currywurst to 5-course menus, everything that your heart desires can be found here. The choice of restaurants almost knows no bounds. While you will struggle to find traditional Ruhr Valley cuisine, the influx of "guest workers" in the 1960s also brought about incredible culinary diversity to the region. Now it is not just Mediterranean or Turkish cuisine that enchants those in the Ruhr Valley, but also Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and Russian cooks too. If you are a fan of fine dining, the Ruhr Valley offers a choice of eight Michelin-starred restaurants that provide the best culinary experiences going. 

Cuisine meets industrial cuisine

Industrial heritage sites in the Ruhr Valley offer you the coolest setting for tasty currywurst, hearty classics, crisp salads, savoury pizzas, fancy pasta, fresh fish, modern street food specialities and lots of other treats. Between clinker brick walls and rusty pipes, near former coke ovens and in front of the towers at former steelworks or with a view of the facets of impressive monuments, you can eat in a very special atmosphere. These sites have not just transformed into diverse cultural scenes, but places where you can really indulge with food. Whether you are candlelight romantics, rustic connoisseurs, street food festival “hoppers” or wine lovers, we have fantastic and diverse locations right up your street! The cuisine offered by restaurants and cafés is just as diverse as the locations themselves. Numerous sites have beer gardens: the perfect resting spot during or after a bike tour in the ( or a hike over our spoil tips.

Indulging in an industrial heritage atmosphere

Das Bild zeigt eine Innenansicht des Pumpenhauses mit Theke und Tischen

The "Pumpenhaus" ("pump house") - Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

The purpose of the pump house was to provide the Bochumer Verein steelworks with cooling water. Many years after its closure, it was transformed into an artist’s canteen and food service trade. Today, you can enjoy fresh, local and seasonal lunches as well as coffee and cake. In summer, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the Jahrhunderthalle and the WasserWelten water parks. You can always go for a stroll through the Westpark or go on a bike ride on the mining railway line before or after your visit.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Innenansicht des Restaurants "Casino Zollverein" in Essen

"Casino Zollverein" in Essen

Today, you can experience fine dining in a historical atmosphere in the former compressor hall at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein in Essen. It has been possible to indulge in regional and seasonal cooking here for over 20 years. The team has given itself the goal of setting trends and delighting its guests. This includes a select wine list and the use of regional ingredients, both of which are incredibly important. The casino has already received multiple awards.

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Das Bild zeigt einen Gast in der Hugo I. Trattoria Villa Italia

"Hugo I. - Trattoria Villa Italia" in Gelsenkirchen

Hugo I. is located in the former brand house of the Zeche Hugo (Hugo Colliery) in Gelsenkirchen. Today, the Mediterranean restaurant serves Italian and international cuisine. Tasty pizzas from the stone oven and fresh fish are the specialities of the head chef. Fancy pasta and seasonal dishes of the day also appear on the menu. You can enjoy the Italian delicacies in the green beer garden during the summer and when the weather is nice.

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Das Bild zeigt das Restaurant Mezzomar im CreativQuartier Fürst Leopold

CreativQuartier (creative district) Fürst Leopold in Dorsten

There are already four restaurants, a café and an ice cream café waiting for you here. Mezzomar serves up Italian cuisine in an industrial heritage atmosphere. Enjoy tasty Spanish tapas at Dali, while Factory tends more towards American burgers, grilled food and cocktails. Cookie’s Veggies caters for vegan and vegetarian cuisine in a modern atmosphere. Enjoy one of the regular acoustic sessions or listen to the record collection at “Schwarzes Gold” Vinyl Café.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Außenansicht des Heiner's bei Nacht.

"Heiner's" in Gelsenkirchen

Heiner's is located in the warehouse of the former Zeche Nordstern (Nordstern Colliery), directly under the Nordsternturm (tower). The restaurant comprises the stylish Heiner’s warehouse and bar, a modern lounge and a well-lit winter garden, from which you can let your gaze wander over the Nordsternpark. Indulge your palates with modern cooking that also offers local dishes. Enjoy all these tasty meals for breakfast, a light lunch, in the afternoon and evenings.

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Das Bild zeigt die Bar im Kokerei Café auf dem UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein

“the coking plant” at the UNESCO Welterbe Zollverein in Essen

Where tons of coke were once produced, the coking plant is now a restaurant and café. In the midst of the site’s form coking plant, you get a fantastic view of the coke ovens, especially from the beer garden. You also get a cool view into the former mixing plant from the warmth of the indoors on the upper floor. Here you can choose from snacks, pasta, healthy food, burgers and proper Ruhr Valley classics.

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Das Bild zeigt das Restaurant "Pferdestall" auf dem LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Zollern in Dortmund

The "Pferdestall” (“stable”) at the Zeche Zollern (Zollern Colliery) in Dortmund

The "Pferdestall" owes its name to the former function of the building - horses were kept here as well as carriage and overseer horses from the Zollern Colliery. Today you will find a cosy restaurant that serves Westphalian cooking with international influences. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside in the beer garden and admire the view of the mining buildings and the two winding towers.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Innenansicht des Restaurants "Über Tage" auf der Zeche Bonifacius in Essen

"Über Tage" in Essen

The remuneration hall, where the "Über Tage” restaurant is located, is the centre of the former Bonifacius mine. From its construction in 1903, this is where miners would receive their wage packets. "Über Tage" offers home cooking with a Mediterranean twist. The menu includes seasonal dishes, hearty and classic meals, as well as fine dining and desserts.

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Das Bild zeigt eine Außenansicht mit Biergarten des Restaurants Malakow auf der Zeche Carl in Essen

The "Malakow" at the Zeche Carl (Carl Colliery) in Essen

The Malakow at the Carl Colliery is named after the mine’s tower. Malakoff towers are colossal emblems of early industrialisation and the successors to wooden and cast iron towers. The restaurant has a beer garden and offers small and large meals. But the highlight is the Knüppelknifte restaurant. The “Malakow” thus brings the Stockbrot (twist bread) tradition back to life in a sweet or salty way. Then you grill your own Knifte (slices of bread) over the camp-fire (booking required).

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Das Bild zeigt den Innenhafen Duisburg in der Abenddämmerung

The restaurant Küppersmühle in Duisburg

Old walls, new concept it says at the inner harbor Duisburg. In the building of the former mill, down-to-earthness meets extravagance in the restaurant Küppersmühle. Enjoy maritime delicacies interpreted in a modern way and in the unique atmosphere of the Duisburg inner harbor.

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