Fritten Wiki – the way to order food in the Ruhr Valley

Even Herbert Grönemeyer sang about "currywurst” being the typical Ruhr Valley speciality. Of course the sausages have to come with the classic side dish: Chips. However: Chips are not considered fast food in the Ruhr Valley, but rather a cultural asset. To help you be able to go and casually order at the Frittenschmiede or Frittenranch (High German: Imbissbude) on your next trip to the Ruhr, without being outed as a tourist, here is a crash course on how to buy chips.

from Mantaplatte to Pommes Schranke

Schimanski-Teller, known locally as Manta-Platte: The classic and favourite dish for many Ruhr Valley residents. It is currywurst with ketchup and mayonnaise on chips - excellent!

Bottroper Schlemmerplatte or Schlachtplatte, according to Frittenwiki, is a local variation on the Schimanski-Teller, when you order it in the northern Ruhr Valley.

Pommes Schranke: This poetic metaphor means Ruhr Valley chips with mayonnaise and ketchup. Referring to the local football team - not just in Essen - people sometimes speak of Pommes Rot-Weiß.

Asi-bowls/ Asi-plates: To Ruhr Valley folk, this is a small bowl or plate of chips with currywurst. According to Frittenwiki, you can choose any sauce you like to begin with.

And a boilermaker with your currywurst

The drinking culture in the Ruhr Valley has its traditions too: Every Ruhr pub sells a "Herrengedeck” or “boilermaker”, a Pilsken (Pils) draught beer served with a “shot”. Any time of day. Cheers, bon appétit and have fun ordering!