Das Bild zeigt eine Wandergruppe auf der Halde Hoheward

Halden-Hügel-Hopping (spoil tip-hill-hopping) - hiking in the northern Ruhr Valley

Themed and mountain hiking over the spoil tips of the Ruhr Valley is made possible with Halden-Hügel-Hopping. In addition to hiking over hills, through valleys and by rivers, there are 12 themed routes with 150 information points about the changing landscape, industrial culture and nature, people and cities. The 185 kilometre long Halden-Hügel-Hopping trail encompasses 17 spoil tips, allowing you to “hop” cheerfully from one to the other. You also get fantastic views of the Ruhr Valley, as you climb to at least 110 metres. The whole route equates to around 2,500 metres in altitude.

Digital hiking experience for fans of art, nature and walking.

You can discover all of this atop the spoil tips. Lots of different types of plants and animals have made their homes here and they are well-suited to life on the spoil tips. Many of the tops of the spoil tips, the so-called “peaks”, have been adorned with a work of art, which gives you an insight into the history of the Ruhr Valley in some way. You can learn more about nature, art, technology and lifestyle via the free “Halden-Hügel-Navi” app. It has all the hiking routes as well as information about tourist attractions and local public transport. You can also view the maps in the app offline.

Or just let yourself be led...

... in person by an tour guide. Hikes are organised several times each year. Your guide will be very well-informed about the spoil tips and the history surrounding them and will be able to tell you an anecdote or two. If your group consists of ten people or more, you can book an individual tour. Alternatively, you can do the routes using GPS data or offline. All tours differ in length so that you can continually improve. PS: With the app’s built-in stamp card, you always get a stamp as you approach a spoil tip peak and when the digital stamp book is full, you can enter a competition. So put your walking boots on and “hop” those spoil tips!

Important information at a glance

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More information on trips, the app, guided tours and maps is available on the Halden-Hügel-Hoppingwebsite.