Adventurous Ruhr Valley - countless opportunities in the Ruhr area

Sport - Adventure - Action: Go full throttle and really let your hair down! There is a wide range of unusual opportunities in the Ruhr Valley that can only be found here! Cycling tours on the Industrial Heritage Trail, mountain biking and hiking on the spoil tips in the Ruhr Valley, water skiing on quarry ponds or climbing in former blast furnaces: This can only be experienced here! Do you have to go up into the mountains to go skiing or climbing? Not necessarily: You can skiin both summer and winter here. The water lovers among you will be delighted at the large number of swimming pools, thermal springs and ships, which take you across the waters of the Ruhr Valley. Adults can be young again in the leisure parks . Get to know small and large animals in the numerous zoos and animal parks of the region and if you want to be really romantic, then simply visit the many castles and forts in the Ruhr Valley and be a damsel or lord of the castle for a while. You can experience a lot cost-effectively using the RUHR.TOPCARD , which gives you more than 90 x free entry to the most diverse attractions and destinations. If there are two of you or you are in a group and want to spend an exciting day in the Ruhr Valley, then the RuhrTour is right up your street! It’s high time you started planning your adventure trip to the Ruhr Valley!