Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum
Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum

The Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum – a museum without walls

The design of the Glass Box Sculpture Museum in Marl will delight anyone who prefers to experience art in the fresh air. In Marl, works of art are not hidden behind museum walls. The name of the Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum is apt in many ways: There is a large emphasis on transparency here. Even the architecture where the museum is situated – under the meeting wing of the Marl Town Hall – gives you a glimpse of the exhibition. The shell of the museum is primarily, as the name suggests, made out of glass.

Marl’s urban area is littered with small sculptures and large-scale works

Walking through Marl, you may come across approximately 100 works of art: From Hans Arp to Richard Serra to Ossip Zadkine, sculptures by renowned artists of traditional, modern and contemporary art are distributed throughout the entire city. The closer you get to the glass box, the higher the number of works. In the glass rooms of the museum, alongside the large sculptures which are not suitable for displaying outside, there is a whole range of small sculptures and objects to see, by Alberto Giacometti, for example.

The Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum is the result of an art-in-architecture competition

The foundation for this unusual museum design for the Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum was laid by the sculptor Karl Hartung when he won an art-in-architecture competition in the 1950s: At the time, he installed the group of sculptures ‘Der Heilende, der Geheilte, der Kranke’ (The Healing, the Healed, the Sick) at the Marl Paracelsus Clinic. The city then gained a taste for art in public spaces and began to collect sculptures, in particular contemporary pieces. For a city walk on the trail of art, Marl is the right place for you.

Bear in mind: Fans of media art are also well served in Marl

In recent decades, media art has developed to be the sculpture museum’s second mainstay: Since 1984, every two years, the Marl Video Art Prize is awarded, and since 1998, a video installation prize as well. Also since 2002, the Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum has promoted artists who are dedicated to sound art – now the prizes have developed on an international level to the Marl Video Art Prize and the EUROPEAN SOUNDART AWARD. So alongside the permanent exhibitions of sculptures in the open-air museum in Marl, thematic exhibitions of media art alternated with sculpture displays take place regularly.

Important information at a glance

Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum
Creiler Platz, Rathaus
45768 Marl
Tel: +49 2365 992257
E-mail: skulpturenmuseum(at)

You will find information on opening times and entry prices on the Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum website.

The Marl Glass Box Sculpture Museum is part of the RuhrKunstMuseen.