Concert halls & theatres
Das Bild zeigt die Philarmonie Essen von innen.

Concert halls & theatres - experience first-class theatres and opera houses

It is no secret that the Ruhr Metropolis is home to an array of first-class theatres and opera houses. The Ruhr Valley is a hotspot for culture - and as such is well worth a trip. From Moers to Dortmund, from Gelsenkirchen to Hagen , the region has a staggering amount of opportunities to see performing arts of the highest quality. Visiting one or more of the theatres or production houses in the RuhrBühnen network is a must for all theatre fans during your stay in the Ruhr Valley! With stage productions of classical theatre literature, première and first night performances, musical theatre and opulent operas, from classical ballet to modern dance and performance to shows for children and adolescents - the theatre scene in the Ruhr Valley really does have something for everyone.